Hi, it’s Dream!

I am relaunching my Independent Business Owner Program. The process for the program is very simple. You'll receive a personal retail website, and an account portal for tracking sales and earnings.  The first couple of weeks will be a trial run, so I can determine if anything needs to be changed before the program officially goes live. The program will offer two plans; the free affiliate plan and the gold membership plan. If you are an affiliate, you will only earn $10 for every product you sell. However, if you upgrade to a gold membership, you are eligible to get paid in four different ways. Below I listed the four ways you can get paid.

    1.    Retail Commission

Essentially, a retail commission is when you earn $20 commission from your life-time customer. A lifetime customer is someone who shops on your site once, and when they shop again, even if they shop elsewhere, you will still receive commission.

    2.    Downline Commission

If someone joins your team, you get 10% of their sales. If someone joins their team, you get 5% of their team sales.

    3.    Gold Recruitment (Residual Income)

you will receive $20 monthly for each active member on your team that goes gold. For example, if 10 members on your team become gold members, you will receive $200/month easily.  (This will be available after the trial period)

    4.    Leadership Bonus

We love to reward our Independent Business Owners for making the chart! If you have a competitive nature, you will appreciate getting to see how you stack up against your peers on our leader board through your back office.




With that said, If you register today, I will upgrade your account to the gold membership plan for free. The free gold membership only last during the trial period. Once the trial period is over your account will be downgraded to the free affiliate plan. At the same time, you do have the option to purchase the gold membership plan and receive all the great perks and much more.

In addition, during the trial period, I will up the commission to $20 once you sell your first 10 products.

Imagine how easy it would be to make $600 just by simply advertise daily. All you need is 10 customers to buy 3 products each. Easy money!

As you can see, this is an amazing opportunity that will help enhance your entrepreneurial and networking skills. It will help you become a leader and generate passive and residual income! If you already have a business, don’t let that stop you! Multiple streams of income is a must have!

For all the people that sign up I have another opportunity for you to make $10,000.More details are available once you sign up!

If interested, sign up here!